Your partner in production preparation


Hostron represents the following leading manufacturers of electronic production equipment:


  • Solder tag insertion devices
  • Cutting, bending, and forming processing machines for radial and axial components supplied in every likely form
  • Cutting, bending and straightening automats for components with DIP housings
  • Assembly tables for components with leads
  • Flow solder lines for small, medium sized, and large quantities
  • Protective atmosphere wave solder systems
  • Plasmatic pretreatment for flux free soldering
  • IR reflow solder systems for SMD (with plasmatic pretreatment in preparation)
  • Correcting and repair benches
  • Conveyor and handling systems
  • Tailor-made machines according to customers' special requirements


  • Electronic component lead forming equipment
  • Solder Tag Insertion Device
  • Extractor fans and Filter equipment for solder fumes
  • Screen Printer
  • Manual Pick & Place Systems
  • Wave soldering
  • Reflow
  • Stripping machines
  • Universal stripper-crimper


  • ESD table mats
  • ESD floor mats
  • ESD chairs
  • ESD wristbands
  • ESD grounding system
  • ESD packing material
  • ESD holders & bins
  • ESD measuring instruments


  • V-Cut machines
  • Press machine for MultiLayer (PCB)

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